Long Play is a digital publication of long-form journalism. Our stories are longer than magazine articles but shorter than books. We specialize in investigative journalism and feature writing and have covered topics from corruption to child protection, from environmental crimes to conspiracy theorists – not to forget sex, death and the Soviet Union. The genre varies. A Long Play story can be anything from investigative feature to personal essay, as long as the story meets our standards.

Most of our stories are in Finnish only, but you can read The Vanishing in English – as Amazon Kindle Single. We have also translated stories and swapped content with our Danish friends at Zetland. We are interested in collaborating with the best writers from all over the world.

Long Play was launched by eight Finnish freelance journalists in January 2013. We consider this also an experiment in finding a new business model for investigative journalism, which has been suffering due to severe newsroom cuts. The model could be called ‘direct reader funding’, as we sell our stories directly to readers for the price of a cup of coffee. We believe that there are enough people willing to support the production of high quality journalism with a few euros every month.

In November 2013 Long Play won the news innovation challenge Uutisraivaaja.

Jussi Ruusila, CEO: [email protected]
Hanna Nikkanen, editor-in-chief: [email protected]
Anu Silfverberg, assistant editor: [email protected]

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